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Hardwood Thickness (DIY Kits are only available in 1/8")
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Material: Sugar Maple and Black Walnut 1/8" or 1/4" thick solid hardwood

What is the difference between a DIY kit and a pre-assembled medallion? Find out here

As a DIY kit: This medallion ships unassembled as a 85 piece do it yourself project, which you assemble and install in your floor, table, or other woodworking project. The pieces are precision laser cut and nest together much like a jigsaw puzzle. Each kit comes with a numbered assembly diagram and recommendations for easy assembly. Once assembled, the inlay is laminated to a backing board* to achieve the desired finished thickness for your project. By assembling this floor medallion yourself, you will be saving hundreds of dollars over pre-assembled inlays. 

*Backing board not included with the kit

As a pre-assembled medallion: We offer this inlay design pre-assembled, laminated, filled, and sanded, ready for your finish. Our standard thickness is 3/4", however, we also offer custom thicknesses, please contact us prior to purchasing for this option. 

Our DIY Kits and pre-assembled medallions are produced as they are sold, so please allow 2 to 5 business days for production of your medallion. 

We also offer custom sizing and designs, please contact us if there is another size or design that would better suit your project needs. 

hardwood floor inlay medallion


Shipping is FREE within Canada/USA

International customers, please contact us for shipping rates and times.

We love a challenge, contact us with your project ideas or if you would like to customize something you have seen on our site. We can modify designs and dimensions to suit your needs or create something completely new! 

You can reach us at:

DIY Kit VS Pre-Assembled Inlays

All of our standard and custom inlays are offered in 2 formats: DIY Kits (Do it yourself kits) and Pre-assembled. 

DIY Kit format: When you purchase your inlay as a DIY (do it yourself) kit, you will receive all of the hardwood pieces required to complete the pattern. Each kit comes with complete instructions and a numbered diagram to help in the assembly process. Every wood piece is hand stamped with a number corresponding to its location on the diagram. It is assembled like a jigsaw puzzle. 

What is not included in a DIY kit: Our kits do not include a backing board or installation template. They are only made up of the hardwood pieces required to assemble the pattern. 

DIY Inlay Kit wood medallion do it yourself puzzle

Pre-assembled format: Our pre-assembled medallions can be laminated to any thickness backing board to suit your needs. We can accommodate anything from 1/4" finished thickness and up. Our pre-assembled medallions are shipped fully assembled, laminated to a backing board, filled, and sanded. We also include an installation template as part of the packaging. 

What is not included in a pre-assembled inlay: These inlays arrive ready to be worked with, they are not pre-varnished. They can either be varnished along with the entire unfinished floor or project. They can also be pre-varnished before installation to match your existing lustre. We do not offer pre-varnished medallions as it is almost impossible for us to match existing finishes.  

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Custom Designs

Contact us with your project ideas!

See more customizations and custom designs here

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Request custom sizing or designs

Contact Us to request a custom size or design.