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DIY Kit VS. Pre-Assembled Inlays

All of our standard and custom inlays are offered in 2 formats: DIY Kits (Do it yourself kits) and Pre-assembled. 

DIY Kit format: When you purchase your inlay as a DIY (do it yourself) kit, you will receive all of the hardwood pieces required to complete the pattern. Each kit comes with complete instructions and a numbered diagram to help in the assembly process. Every wood piece is hand stamped with a number corresponding to its location on the diagram. It is assembled like a jigsaw puzzle. 

What is not included in a DIY kit: Our kits do not include a backing board or installation template. They are only made up of the hardwood pieces required to assemble the pattern. 

DIY Inlay Kit wood medallion do it yourself puzzle

Pre-assembled format: Our pre-assembled medallions can be laminated to any thickness backing board to suit your needs. We can accommodate anything from 1/4" finished thickness and up. Our pre-assembled medallions are shipped fully assembled, laminated to a backing board, filled, and sanded. We also include an installation template as part of the packaging. 

What is not included in a pre-assembled inlay: These inlays arrive ready to be worked with, they are not pre-varnished. They can either be varnished along with the entire unfinished floor or project. They can also be pre-varnished before installation to match your existing lustre. We do not offer pre-varnished medallions as it is almost impossible for us to match existing finishes.  


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